DI'Aroma® Cruella 66977
DI'Aroma® Cruella 66977
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DI'Aroma® Cruella 66977

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Cruella is a machine manufactured to the smallest detail which will take care of the best aroma in your home or in your business. This beautiful machine has a great scope which you can program and use at the times that best suit your needs. This machine has a connection to air conditioning and its great power makes the aroma circulate through the ventilation ducts spreading aroma to every corner of the place .

The Cruella  fragrance diffuser is a very powerful and intelligent aroma machine that will change the way you perfume your home. Using nebulization technology to release tiny nanoparticles into the air, creates a subtle and consistent scented environment. This quiet home diffuser covers up to 800-1200 square feet of space in seconds, transforming your home or business into a serene environment.

Begin your scenting journey with the easy-to-use Di'Aroma® Cruella. This scent diffuser features WIFI personalization, plug and play portability and the ability to change scents easily.

Nebulizing technology delivers pure, consistent home fragrance that doesn’t fade
Whisper quiet and energy efficient
Adjust scent intensity and create schedules using the app
Security lock for the fragrance compartment.
Can be used inside or outside an A/C unit
Empty refill bottle (included) 
Air conditioning connection hose

Designed for spaces up to 800-1200 square feet 
Holds 200 ml of diffuser oil 

VOLTAJE: 110/220V
COVERAGE:800-1200 Sq Ft

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